The team respects your privacy and choices you have. We don’t want to be the conduit for emails you have no interest in reading. You can opt out of the sharing of your information. If you would like to opt out, please feel free to email us at or use the submission form below. We take your interests seriously.

How did your emails get into our database?

Our researchers source, combine and standardize information about cannabis and hemp licensed businesses. We review websites, news articles, license applications and other publicly available data. We find emails located throughout your website, other industry directories, 3rd party data providers and state/municipality specific lists.

We are the industry directory of which businesses can trust.

Our clients represent a wide aware of businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry. Many companies use our database to make sure they’re legally allowed to do business with you. Having your contact information in the database identifies you as a licensed, legal company. By opting out, you could be missing out on valuable messages from potential partners, vendors and industry influencers. And you are still likely to hear from the industry, as industry businesses are adept at researching public information.

You may submit an opt-out request form by clicking the link below, and filling out your email and company name.